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Hot Mix TV Begins Countdown To Official Launch

HOT MIX TV is coming and music television will never be the same! In 2018, we will officially begin streaming our cutting edge music channel to millions of viewers across our internet-based network. More than just music television, HMTV is a powerful music platform featuring revolutionary new technology for music video programming and content.

HOT MIX TV will feature the biggest stars, hottest artist and exclusive D.J. style mixing of today’s hottest music videos. HMTV looks to change the face of music television. Our cameras will be rolling to provide hot celebrity news, exclusive behind the scenes interviews, live concert performances and backstage footage of your favorite artists.

HMTV is being launched by the production team of Lon"L.A. Lon"Grandison and Lance"Sir Lance" Grandison, who are creators of the hit television series, "Video Hot Mix." The duo has worked with major record labels, artist and networks through out the entertainment industry, including 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, LL.Cool J, Interscope Records, Def Jam, Ruthless Records, Jive/Zomba, Spike TV, CBS, Tribune Entertainment and more. 

Hot Mix TV will make music videos a new and engaging experience. Watch it on all your favorite devices. It's a one of a kind music video party and everyone is invited. In 2018, America will be in the mix with HOT MIX TV.